Zelensky says Ukraine ‘preparing good news’ in fight against Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on Wednesday that “good news” will come soon for Ukraine as the southern and eastern parts of the country continue to fight heavily with Russia.

Zelensky said in an address that the Ukrainian army They were holding the line and pushing back against the Russian forces in key battles.

“In general, we are strengthening our position along the entire front, reducing the capabilities of the aggressors, destroying their logistics and creating good news for Ukraine,” Zelensky said.

Much of the heavy fighting is taking place around the towns of Avadivka and Bakhmut in eastern Donetsk region.

Ukraine has repelled ongoing attacks by Russian forces in those cities and other areas in the Donbass. According to an update From the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Russia has launched missile attacks on cities in Donbas, targeting civilian infrastructure and homes. The relentless strikes are part of an airstrike by Russian President Vladimir Putin amid mounting losses in the war.

On Wednesday, Zelensky noted the missile attacks and said, “Our soldiers holding positions in these directions in the Donetsk region are just heroes.”

“The insanity of the Russian command is now most visible there: day after day for months, they are driving people to death there, concentrating the maximum power of artillery attack there,” the Ukrainian leader said in his speech.

In the region south of Kherson, Ukrainian forces are advancing against the crumbling Russian line. According to an updateE this week From the Center for Eastern Studies in Warsaw. But Ukrainian forces are facing stiff resistance in the towns of Davyd Brid and Dudchany.

As Russia prepares for war over the regional capital of Kherson, Ukraine is looking to retake the first major city captured by Russian forces at the start of the war eight months ago.

Ukraine has won several decisive victories against Russia since its invasion, pushing back invading forces from the western part of the country in the spring and then launching a large-scale counteroffensive last month to retake parts of the northeast and south.

Zelensky this week Ukraine said it would eventually take back the Crimean peninsula And all territories illegally annexed by Putin.

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