Viral video captures elephants springing to action to save calf drowning in pool

In a video posted on Twitter on Saturday, two elephants are seen running to save a drowning elephant.

Footage from Seoul Grand Park Zoo in the South Korean capital shows the calf falling into a large pool of water.

An adult elephant who is believed to be the mother elephant starts panicking and another adult elephant rushes at him.

Two adults enter the pool from the shallow end while the calf struggles to keep its trunk above water.

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Two elephants come together and guide the younger elephant to the shallow end. They carry the calf safely out of the water, placing it between them.

The clip has gone viral since being uploaded, already garnering over 2.3 million views.

Twitter users were not surprised by the compassion and kindness shown by the elephants.

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“Cows, chickens, goats are equally kind. Stop eating it,” one user wrote.

Others commented on the intelligence of elephants, especially their ability to think and act quickly.

“Prove it too,” wrote another Twitter user. “Intelligence (Identifies both problem and solution), Memory (Shallow end location), Cooperation.”

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“I’m looking forward to the day when people won’t be surprised when animals act like objects,” said another netizen. “Animals are like us (actually better than us), the only difference is that they haven’t learned to speak our language (some have).

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