UVA Suspect ‘Waited’ for Football Players to Get Back to Campus, Survivor’s Dad Says

After an extensive overnight manhunt, police announced Monday that they had arrested a University of Virginia student suspected of killing three football players and wounding two others in a mass shooting on the school’s main campus Sunday night.

University President Jim Ryan issued a statement early Monday saying the suspect, Christopher Darnell Jones, Jr., was “one of our students.” Jones opened fire on a bus full of students returning to UVA from a field trip to watch a play in the Washington, D.C. area, school officials said.

Jones is included in the university Athletics website As a 2018 football player who did not appear in any games, it is unclear if he remains a student at UVA. All three victims — LaVale Davis Jr., De’Sean Perry and Devin Chandler — were identified by Ryan. As a member of the school football team.

The victims were identified as (left to right) De’Sean Perry, Devin Chandler and LaVall Davis, Jr.

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One of the two injured students was identified by his father as Michael Hollins Jr., a running back at UVA. in An interview with The Washington Post, Michael Hollins Sr. said his son knew Jones from the football team. He said he was at work in Fairfax, where he works as a city bus inspector, when he got a call shortly before midnight that his son had been shot in the back.

Hollins Sr. said officers told him Jones was on a field trip with others and suddenly opened fire when the bus returned to campus.

“He waited until they all got back to Charlottesville and he just blew up the bus,” he He said doctors told him his son would be fine. “They said that for his age and physical condition, he is doing exceptionally well.”

When reached by phone Monday, Jones’ mother, Margo Ellis, told The Daily Beast that she was “not talking to reporters right now.”

UVA Police Chief Timothy J. Longo was informed of Jones’ capture at a press conference Monday morning. The student-athlete was found shortly before 11 a.m. 77 miles away in Henrico County. According to local police.

Longo said authorities received information that Jones had a gun from someone at the university. The Office of Student Affairs followed up with Jones and his roommate, who said he never saw a weapon.

During the investigation, UVA police learned of a February 2021 concealed weapons violation that “occurred outside of the city of Charlottesville,” Longo said, adding that Jones was required by school rules to report the matter to UVA administration but never did. . According to Longo, administrative charges are still pending through the university’s judicial council.

“It was brought to our attention,” Longo said. “I wanted you to hear from me, not from someone else.”

Relatives of Jones told NBC 12 Monday that he was fogged up While at UVA. School officials confirmed the alleged hazing incident, According to CBS reporter Olivia Rinaldi, but the witnesses did not cooperate at that time. A source who knows Jones but asked not to be named told The Daily Beast that he was “bullied” at UVA, “and it was bad.”

In a 2018 article on Jones, The Richmond Times-Dispatch Paints a picture of a difficult childhood characterized by “a fractured family, school fights and suspensions.” Jones told the outlet that losing his father when Jones was just five years old was “one of the most traumatic things that ever happened to me.” The piece added that Jones attended an alternative school where he was able to avoid bullying and moved in with his grandmother in Petersburg in 2016 after his relationship with his mother deteriorated. It also said that in the two years before he started at UVA, “mentors helped him release his anger.”

In July 2018, Dr. Jones. Porcher L. Taylor, Jr. Academic AwardJ Comes with a $1,000 scholarship.

Tracey Baynes’ daughter attended Petersburg High School with Jones and both knew him well, she said.

“It’s out of character, just so, so out of character,” Baines told The Daily Beast on Monday. “And when I say that, I don’t say it to insult or to erase the tragedies that have happened. But I know a different Chris.”

A shocked Baines, through occasional tears, said Jones was a conscientious teenager who did well in school and worked to help out at home.

“I know a Chris who helped take care of his grandmother, who helped take care of his family,” Baines added. “I know a Chris who got a scholarship to UVA, and it’s a tragedy for everyone involved.”

However, she said she hasn’t spoken to Jones since she arrived at UVA in 2018 and “has no idea what happened there.”

“It hurts even more for me because my first cousin was killed in gun violence on Thursday,” Baines said.

Lavelle Davis Jr., a wide receiver, was first identified as a victim by his cousin, Newbury College assistant football coach Sean Lampkin, who wrote in a Tweet That “God took one of his most gracious, humble, loving soldiers off the battlefield last night.”

in Twitter thread, ESPN reporter Andrea Adelson recalled interviewing Davis for a previous article, which she now says “brought tears to my eyes.” In it, Davis explains why being part of the groundskeepers, community outreach and social justice movement at UVA is important to him.

“Anything I can do, even if it’s a small percentage, to bring awareness to all the injustices that are happening to our school, just to shine a light on it and change it in the right direction,” Davis said, “come together. Right” white supremacist rally in Charlottesville in 2017. Because I know these four years are going to go by quickly.

Davis and Devin Chandler were both students of American Studies professor Jack Hamilton. he said on TwitterDescribing them as “wonderful people”.

Hamilton said Chandler always had a “huge smile,” was “really polite and funny” and was “really excited” about declaring an American studies major. “[O]Of those people who do not like ne is simply impossible. [I]It is so sad and infuriating that he is gone.”

Davis was quiet, but “such a nice guy,” according to Hamilton, who said Davis approached him after their first class to introduce himself.

“[O]It didn’t surprise me about Vail how much his classmates liked him and vice versa,” he wrote. “[I]n my experience is that star athletes usually hang out with other athletes (understandably, given the time commitment) but Vail seems to go out of his way to make friends with non-athletes. [A]Still I’m just stunned and devastated and at a complete loss but I want to say it all because they were truly great people with an unlimited future and they should still be here. [I]It doesn’t break my heart.”

Second Teachers echoed Hamilton’s sentiments, calling Davis “sweet and ambitious, with a big smile”. Chandler, she said, “was soft-spoken and really wanted to learn and do well. It’s all very devastating.”

The third victim, De’Sean Perry, was a 22-year-old linebacker for the Virginia Cavaliers college football team and an ever-smiling “exemplary teammate” from Charlottesville. Daily progress Reported. His father, Shawn Perry, and mother, Happy Perry, said they were traveling to Virginia from their hometown of Miami on Monday.

Jones is charged with three counts of second-degree murder and three counts of using a handgun in the commission of a crime, Longo said.

UVA canceled classes Monday as the shelter-in-place order remained in effect, although the order was lifted around 10:30 a.m. “based on a thorough search of the college grounds and surroundings.” UVA Police Department said. Charlottesville City Schools also canceled classes for its 4,000-strong student body “to allow police time to investigate while we search for the suspect in our community.”

On Monday, Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, Democrats of Virginia, shared messages of support for the victims’ families. “Thinking of all those affected by the tragic act of violence on UVA’s campus,” Warner wrote.

“Heartbroken to hear about the Virginia community devastated by gun violence,” Kaine tweeted. “Praying for the UVA community and monitoring the situation closely.” He added: “We must take further action to make our communities safer.”

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