Ukrainians claim to have repelled further Russian ground assaults in Donetsk

Ukraine accused Russian forces of firing rockets on Sunday Zaporizhia Nuclear Power PlantFears of an accident came a day after the United Nations watchdog warned that fighting at the occupied complex threatened a “nuclear catastrophe”.

The plant, the largest of its kind in Europe, was hit for the second time in as many days. Both Ukraine and Russia have claimed responsibility for the attacks.

According to Ukraine’s state nuclear company Energoatom, the rocket launched Saturday night hit a dry storage facility where 174 canisters of spent nuclear fuel are kept. The explosions blew out windows in parts of the plant and one worker was hospitalized with shrapnel wounds.

“Apparently, they specifically focused on containers containing processed fuel, which are stored outside the shelling site,” the company said in a statement on Telegram.

Three radiation monitoring detectors also malfunctioned on Saturday, making it “currently impossible to detect and respond in time in case of an escalation of radiation conditions or radiation leakage from spent nuclear fuel canisters,” Energoatom said.

“A nuclear disaster was miraculously averted this time, but miracles don’t last forever,” it said.

Kiev has accused the Russian military of stockpiling heavy weapons and launching attacks from the plant, which it seized in early March and still occupies. Meanwhile, Moscow has claimed that Ukrainian forces have targeted the complex.

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