UK boy, 11, receives highest possible Mensa IQ score

Clever, boy!

Eleven-year-old Yusuf Shah from England took the Mensa IQ test – and scored a top score of 162, according to local news.

Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking had an estimated IQ of 160.

“Everyone at school thinks I’m very smart, and I always wanted to know if I was in the top 2% of people who sat the test,” said the sixth-former from Leeds. Yorkshire Evening Post.

According to reports, Shah, a student at Wigton Moor Primary School, passed the test.

The family celebrated with Nando’s Portuguese-style chicken.

Shah and his parents had decided that they would prepare for the Mensa test, which included similar content, while preparing for high school applications.

His father Irfan Shah told the paper, “Preparing for this exam is tough. “We did what we were already doing—nothing specific to the IQ test.”

“I still tell him ‘your dad is still smarter than you’. … We take it all lightly. Even if you are smart, you have to do the hardest work,” said Baba.

Yusuf’s father jokes, “I still tell him ‘your dad is smarter than you.’ ”
Yorkshire Post / SWNS
A family pose
Yusuf Shah with brothers Zaki and Khalid, mother Sana and father Irfan.
Yorkshire Post / SWNS

Yusuf – who wants to study mathematics at Oxford or Cambridge universities – shows signs of genius from a very young age. Irfan told LeedsLive.

“Even in the nursery, we noticed he was doing the alphabet and things quicker than other kids, but you’d think some kids would pick up the ABCs a bit quicker,” said the proud dad.

“He has this natural ability for math, and I think that’s when we realized it. Even the teachers at his school, every time we get the school reports, they are surprised, they say, ‘We have nothing to teach.’ “

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