U.S. air division sent to Europe after Kremlin says Russia, NATO at war

The US Air Assault Division is being sent to Europe to help with the defense NATOThe move follows a top Kremlin official saying Russia is fighting a war with a military coalition on Ukrainian soil.

The deployment of the 101st Airborne Division, nicknamed the “Screaming Eagles”. declared Thursday by the US mission to NATO. It said “around 2,400 troops will be sent to NATO members Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovakia to reassure our allies and deter our adversaries.”

Earlier in the day, Russian First Deputy Chief of Presidential Staff Sergei Kiriyenko alleged that the West Conducting “hot military operations”. Against Russia in Ukraine.

“We understand very well that on the territory of Ukraine we are not at war with Ukraine and, of course, not with the Ukrainian people,” Russian state news agency Tass quoted him as saying. “The entire NATO bloc is waging a war against Russia on the territory of Ukraine and at the hands of the Ukrainian people.”

It comes amid a ramped-up NATO presence in Europe Russia’s ongoing war is feared could spill beyond Ukraine’s borders, potentially triggering a major conflict between the 30-member NATO alliance and the Russian president Vladimir Putinby the army of Putin himself has not said that Russia and NATO are at war, and has made no official announcements, but he has warned in recent months that any countries They “pose a strategic threat to Russia”. Ukraine can expect “retaliatory strikes” during the offensive.

A US air strike division is being sent to Europe to protect NATO’s eastern flank. Above, a US Black Hawk helicopter takes off during a demonstration exercise at Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base near Constanta, Romania, on July 30.
Daniel Mihailescu/AFP via Getty Images

In April, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov suggested in a Russian state-television interview that by supplying Western arms to Ukraine, “NATO is essentially going to a proxy war with Russia and arming that proxy,” accordingly. The Wall Street Journal.

On Wednesday, Kiriyenko also accused Ukraine’s leaders of allowing the nation and its people to become NATO proxies.

“They provided the territory of Ukraine and the people of Ukraine in an attempt to create a fundamental conflict within the Western community against Russia over that territory,” he said. “Of course, NATO will eagerly fight, because they themselves do not hesitate to declare against Russia to the last Ukrainian and without remorse.”

Although NATO has not been directly involved in hostilities, member states have provided security assistance and weapons to war-torn countries, such as those provided by the United States. High mobility artillery rocket systemm, or HIMARS, which has recently gained media attention for its success in assisting the Ukrainian military.

The US Army describes the Screaming Eagles as an air division “known for its unparalleled air strike capability, capable of conducting any combat or contingency mission anywhere in the world.”

Newsweek The Kremlin and NATO were reached for comment.

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