Truss: Russia must leave Ukraine and pay ‘recompense’ to resume diplomacy

Russian President Vladimir Putin Ukraine must leave and pay “adequate reparations” for its aggression before returning to the international stage, Liz Truss has warned.

The prime minister used his first foreign trip to rally UN allies to keep up pressure on Russia, with government sources insisting Russia pull out. Ukraine This was the ‘red line’ for the resumption of diplomatic relations.

On the plane to New York, Truss told reporters: “First Russia Ukraine has to leave. And we need to make sure that what happened in Ukraine is properly repaid, and we need to make sure that Russia can never again threaten the countries on our borders.

It was unclear whether she wanted Russia to give up all of Ukraine’s internationally recognized land, or whether she was exempting Crimea, which Putin annexed in 2014. Government sources indicated that “reparations” for Ukraine could range from financial compensation to a war crimes tribunal. found

Later, Truss told Channel 5 News: “Well, what I was saying is that it’s not just about winning Ukraine. It is also important that this never happen again. And there has been serious damage throughout Ukraine. I am proud that the United Kingdom has taken the initiative or is working with Kyiv to help them rebuild. But I expect the Russian state, which has abundant oil and gas reserves, to contribute to its reconstruction.”

The US is currently looking at whether seized Russian assets could be used immediately to fund reconstruction or humanitarian projects in Ukraine, rather than waiting until the end of the conflict, but the move would have to be signed off by the courts. hair base.

The prime minister made her comments before her foreign affairs adviser, Professor John Bev, launched an update on the integrated review of defense and foreign policy to counter the threat from authoritarian regimes such as Russia and China.

She also doubled down on her campaign trail commitment to increase defense spending to 3% of UK GDP by the end of the decade.

Meanwhile US tripTruss will next year pledge that the UK will match or exceed the £2.3bn in military aid it gives to Ukraine in 2022. No 10 said it would reiterate NATO’s spending commitments for 2030, which the Royal United Services Institute thinktank said would incur additional costs. £157bn.

Truss will use a speech to the UN General Assembly on Wednesday to pledge to define a “new era” of “hope and progress”. She is expected to say: “The story of 2022 is when an authoritarian state rolls its tanks across the border of a peaceful neighbor and subjugates its people.

“Instead, it is the story of the freedom fight back. But this should not be monotonous. Britain is fully committed to this. Together with our friends and allies around the world, we will continue to support freedom, sovereignty and democracy.”

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