Trans Twitch Streamer Keffals Says Police Terrorized Her After SWATing

An apparent incident with the SWAT team led to A’s arrest Transgender Canadian Twitch streamer Keffles last week in London, Ontario. Now attention is drawn to the abuse she suffered while in police custody for a crime she did not commit.

“On August 5th, I woke up to an assault rifle pointed at me and was arrested for a crime I didn’t commit,” Clara Sorrenti or Keffles tweeted. “I need your help.”

An email from someone pretending to be Sorrenti was sent to every city council member in London, claiming she had an illegal gun and was going to attack her family and “go to city hall and shoot every cisgender person”, the content creator explained. .

Sorrenti posted a video on her YouTube channel on Tuesday with the caption “My life is in danger. I need your help.” In the video, she explains that because of the email, police responded by bringing a SWAT team to her property. Police confiscated her computer and harassed her in a transphobic manner, she said. The email “was a clear attempt to humiliate the police,” she said.

Police referred to her by her dead name when she was arrested, and she was charged with the crime under her dead name, Sorrenti says. She goes on to say that she was abused, misgendered and given a dead name throughout the process.

Sorrenti took to Twitter, urging her fans and the general public to donate to her GoFundMe page, signaling her intention to move immediately.

She tweeted, “Publicizing what happened is going to encourage more people to impersonate me and the police are trying to intimidate me. I have to move immediately. Any money I get after I make up my losses and move will be put into a legal fund. .”

In her video, she explains that a week ago, she was in Toronto where someone tried to send officers to her place to scare her, but the local police immediately tried to swatt the incident.

But it was not so in London.

“The police officer called me by my dead name during the arrest,” she says. “The fact that London Police Services booked me under my dead name because of a fake email shows the prejudice many police have towards transgender people.”

Sorrenti says the incident happened to her after police questioned her and released her without charge. However, the police have evidence such as the phone and other devices she needs to access her digital life. In addition, Sorrenti’s fiancee’s Ph.D. Relevant materials were seized on electronic devices.

Sorrenti says the incident has “completely destroyed” her and her fiancĂ©’s lives, with computers and cell phones confiscated by police. The process of monitoring these items by digital forensics professionals could take “months,” according to her lawyer.

“Swatting is a crime. Identity theft is a crime,” she says. “And since this crime was motivated by hatred against transgender people, it was a hate crime against me.

Instead of the police helping me, she says, “they made me the victim of a hate crime.”

At the time of publication, Her GoFundMe campaign had raised more than $60,000.

On Wednesday, local police responded to Sorrenti’s arrest and charges.

“I am aware that Ms Sorrenti was referred to by the wrong name and gender while in London Police custody. We acknowledge the distress this has caused Ms Sorrenti and we will be reviewing the incident to understand how it could have happened. At this time , we are still in the process of gathering the necessary information for this review,” said Police Chief Steve Williams. statement.

He added, “The London Police Service is committed to bias-free policing and treating all individuals with respect and dignity. We work closely with LGBT2QSIA community partners in London to ensure we are responding to the needs of the community and to address any concerns they may have. We acknowledge Despite our best efforts, we may fall short at times, and in those situations, we learn, we educate, and we do better. We are in contact with Ms. Sorrenti and will share our findings with her once our review is concluded.”

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