The ‘cynical reason’ that Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan: China expert

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Michael Pillsbury, the Hudson Institute’s director of China strategy, revealed the “cynical reason” that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has allowed Taiwan to “Life, Liberty and Levin.”

“Republicans were seizing on national sentiment on China as a threat,” he told host Mark Levin. “You’ve got the polls coming back — 70%, 80% of the public thinks that. And the Democrats were in bad shape. They seemed to be apologizing to China and helping China. Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump — those were the champions. [who] Do something about China. I think Nancy Pelosi and her team recognize that.”

Nancy Pelosi Chinese threats, military operations enter Taiwan

Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan says, “We Democrats are tough on China, too,” he added.

Pillsbury noted that her trip would be “hypocritical” and China’s “100-year marathon” would not stop if she rejected all Republican policies in the country.

To her credit, Pelosi has been a human rights activist against China since the 1990s, almost arresting her in 1991. Tiananmen SquareHe said the speaker was a “good friend” of the Dalai Lama and had helped him win the Congress Gold Medal.

Likely Pelosi, Congress is not focused on China, Levin said. Pillsbury agreed.

Congress is ‘sleeping on the couch’ as ​​China intrudes in US, says ex-Pentagon official

“It seems possible to deal with the rhetoric by denouncing China, but reducing American foreign direct investment in China — that’s a big deal,” Pillsbury said. “Actually arresting people involved in financial espionage. Not just cases [FBI] Director Ray Says he has thousands, but actual arrests and prosecutions.”

A senior fellow at the Hudson Institute also proposed that universities stop fulfilling research contracts on advanced technologies on behalf of China.

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The United States is not taking this action against the Chinese, who should be held accountable, he said.

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