Fugitive ‘Fat Leonard’ in Navy bribery scam seeks Venezuelan asylum

A fugitive nicknamed “Fat Leonard” who masterminded a massive, multimillion-dollar Navy bribery scandal is seeking asylum in Venezuela, where he has been. Caught a week ago After spending 16 days on the lam. Leonard Glenn Francis eluded federal authorities Sept. 4 by cutting his GPS monitor while awaiting a prison sentence in San Diego. An … Read more

Hurricane Fiona Targeting Canada After Battering Bermuda

Hurricane Fiona is targeting Canada after hitting BermudaNBC News Tropical update: Hurricane Fiona hits Bermuda; 98L Organize investments betterKHO 11 Hurricane Fiona extends Puerto Rico’s power problems beyond the power gridReuters Canada What’s Worse: Hurricane Fiona or LUMA in Puerto Rico?the hill See full coverage on Google News Source link

Four occupied Ukraine regions begin vote on joining Russia

Four parts of Russian-occupied Ukraine have begun holding referendums, which Kiev denounced as illegal, paving the way for Moscow to formally annex about 15 percent of Ukrainian territory. Voting will continue until September 27 in the self-proclaimed “Independent Republic”, which has been under the control of Moscow-backed separatists since 2014, as well as in the … Read more

The Queen as portrayed on screen

A queen portrayed on screenCBS Sunday Morning See Helen Mirren, Emma Thompson and more stars bringing Queen Elizabeth’s royal reign to lifeAnd! news How ‘The Crown’ soundtrack highlights the best music from Queen’s careerAmerican songwriter See full coverage on Google News Source link

At least three dead and several injured after truck ploughs into Rotterdam barbecue – Daily Mail

At least three killed and several injured after a truck plowed into a BBQ event in a Rotterdam neighborhood The driver sped through the crowd at an event in New Zealand Other injured have been admitted to hospital for treatment Overturned picnic tables and debris at the scene were filmed By Tom Brown for MailOnline … Read more

Video shows moment car bomb blasts ‘traitor’ in Russian-occupied Ukraine

Dramatic surveillance footage posted Saturday show Car bomb A “traitor” security officer was killed in occupied eastern Ukraine earlier this month. Askyar Laishev, a former Ukrainian security official who joined the Russian-backed Luhansk People’s Republic in 2014 as head of intelligence, was killed by Ukrainian resistance forces in Donbas on August 11. Laishev made it … Read more

Jewelry designer unmasked as Russian spy luring NATO chiefs into honeytraps

A beautiful jewelry designer who criss-crossed Europe for 10 years was actually a Russian spy who infiltrated NATO through a charming and charming commander. She was known as Maria Adela Kuhfeld Rivera but her real name was Olga Kolobova and was a spy working for Russia’s GRU foreign intelligence service, according to the investigative site. … Read more

Environmentalists welcome new Canada-Germany hydrogen pact

Montreal, Canada – A new deal between the German and Canadian governments to start transporting hydrogen across the Atlantic by 2025 has been cautiously welcomed by environmental rights groups, as both countries shift to more renewable energy. The Canada-Germany Hydrogen Alliance, announced this week after a meeting in Canada between German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and … Read more

Mysterious purple cloud ominously descends upon Chilean city

Residents of Pozo Almonte, Chile woke up Sunday morning to a purple cloud hanging low over their town. Citizens were alarmed by the mysterious cloud and made numerous complaints to the local authorities, who launched an investigation. Photos of mysterious vapors Posted on Twitter Show the purple haze in the sky above houses and businesses. … Read more