Turkish police arrest 46 people over Istanbul explosion

Turkish police have arrested 46 people in an explosion in central Istanbul that killed at least eight and injured 81, Istanbul police said. Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu told reporters on Monday that the suspects included “a person who set off an explosive device” on busy Istiklal Avenue in Turkey’s largest city. Al Jazeera’s Sinem Koseoglu … Read more

Ex-Pakistan PM Imran Khan says three bullets were taken from his right leg | CNN

CNN – Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan said that he was hit by three bullets in his right leg He was injured in the firing last week. Khan survived the firing at a political rally in Gujranwala on Thursday His party called it an assassination attempt. “They took three bullets out of my … Read more

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan blames establishment figures for plot to kill him | CNN

Islamabad, Pakistan CNN – Tensions rose in Pakistan on Friday when the former prime minister Imran Khan Establishment figures were accused of conspiring to kill him – a claim vehemently denied by governing and security officials. A day later he survived Firing at a political meeting Outside the city of Gujranwala in Punjab province, Khan … Read more

What really happened to Nika Shahkarami? Witnesses to her final hours cast doubt on Iran’s story | CNN

CNN – An Iranian girl dressed in black stands atop an overturned garbage can, waving her scarf engulfed in flames while chanting “Death to the Dictator.” Moments later, the video shows, she crouches down to collect another scarf from a friend, which she also sets on fire in front of the protesters. The girl was … Read more

Saudi Arabia: Crown prince to skip summit on doctor advice

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Saudi Arabia’s powerful 37-year-old crown prince will not attend an upcoming summit in Algeria because his doctor has advised him not to travel, the royal court said Sunday. The acknowledgment from the state-run Saudi Press Agency came hours after Algeria’s presidency said Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman would not … Read more

40 killed, dozens trapped by explosion in Turkey coal mine | CNN

CNN – At least 40 people have been killed and 11 hospitalized in an explosion at a coal mine in northern Turkey, state news media reported Saturday. The explosion took place on Friday in the Black Sea town of Amasara in Bartin province, trapping dozens of people under the debris. Eleven injured workers were treated … Read more

Israel and Lebanon reach historic agreement, paving the way to potentially rich gas exploration | CNN

CNN – Israel And Lebanon has reached a historic agreement, leaders from each side said separately on Tuesday, resolving a years-long maritime border dispute involving key oil and gas fields in the Mediterranean. The United States is trying to reach an agreement between neighboring countries over an 860-square-kilometer (332-square-mile) area of ​​the sea that has … Read more

‘A time bomb’: Anger rising in a hot spot of Iran protests

SULIMANIAH, Iraq (AP) – Growing up in a repressive regime, Sharo, a 35-year-old university graduate, never thought she would hear words of open rebellion spoken aloud. Now she herself: “Death to the dictator!” Giving such announcements. Anger she didn’t know she was, as she joined protests calling for the country’s rulers to be overthrown. After … Read more

Morale is plummeting in Putin’s private army as Russia’s war in Ukraine falters | CNN

Kyiv, Ukraine CNN  —  The Ukrainians’ bodies lay side-by-side on the grass, the earth beside them splayed open by a crater. Dragged to the spot by Russian mercenaries, the victims’ arms pointed to where they had died. “Let’s plant a grenade on them,” a voice says in husky Russian, in what appears to be a … Read more

Iran’s Supreme Leader shown at event amid reports of deteriorating health

Shown a picture Ayatollah Khamenei A masked crowd attends a ceremony marking the 40th anniversary of Imam Hussain’s martyrdom. Other pictures show him sitting on a chair on the right side of the room, holding prayer beads and looking at an imam delivering a sermon. In the 12-minute video, the ayatollah is seen listening and … Read more