Israel and Lebanon reach historic agreement, paving the way to potentially rich gas exploration | CNN

CNN – Israel And Lebanon has reached a historic agreement, leaders from each side said separately on Tuesday, resolving a years-long maritime border dispute involving key oil and gas fields in the Mediterranean. The United States is trying to reach an agreement between neighboring countries over an 860-square-kilometer (332-square-mile) area of ​​the sea that has … Read more

Location of 1st ship to leave Ukraine carrying grain unknown

BEIRUT (AP) – The cargo of the first grain ship that left Ukraine under a wartime agreement has been resold several times and there is now no information about its location and the cargo’s destination, the Ukrainian embassy in Beirut said Monday. The Sierra Leone-flagged ship Rezoni, which left Odessa on August 1 and transited … Read more

Iran denies involvement but justifies Salman Rushdie attack

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — An Iranian official denied on Monday that Tehran was involved in the stabbing of writer Salman Rushdie, although he sought to justify the attack in the Islamic Republic’s first public comments on the bloodshed. Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani made the statement three days after Rushdi was injured … Read more

Lebanon crisis in focus as bank hostage taker surrenders

Lebanon crisis comes into focus as bank hostage-taker surrendersAl Jazeera English Armed man holds hostage at Beirut bank demanding return of frozen moneyCNN Beirut bank hostage standoff ends with gunman arrestedABC News Gunman in Beirut bank ends with gunman surrenderAl Jazeera English See full coverage on Google News Source link

Hostage standoff at Beirut bank ends with gunman’s arrest

BEIRUT (AP) — A gunman who demanded a Beirut bank withdraw his stashed savings to pay his father’s medical bills took about 10 people hostage in a seven-hour standoff Thursday and surrendered in exchange for what the family’s lawyer said was $35,000. money Bassam Al-Sheikh Hussain, a 42-year-old food-delivery driver, was quickly arrested and taken … Read more

Russia, Ukraine trade accusations over nuclear plant attacks

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Russia and Ukraine accused each side Monday of firing on Europe’s largest nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine. Russia has claimed that Ukrainian shelling caused power surges and fires, forcing workers to cut output from two reactors, while Ukraine has blamed the Russian military for stockpiling weapons there. Nuclear experts have … Read more

Shiite Muslims in Mideast mark solemn holy day of Ashoura

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) – Millions of Shiite Muslims – from Iran to Afghanistan and Pakistan – were celebrating the festival of Ashora on Monday, one of the most emotional events in their religious calendar, commemorating the 7th-century martyrdom of Hussein, grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. . Security forces, especially in Taliban-run Afghanistan, were on high … Read more

Shift in war’s front seen as grain leaves Ukraine; plant hit

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Four more ships carrying agricultural cargo were detained due to the war in Ukraine The authorization to leave the country’s Black Sea coast came on Sunday as analysts warned Russia was moving troops and equipment toward southern port cities to thwart a Ukrainian counteroffensive. Ukraine and Russia also accused each other … Read more

Ukraine grain shipments offer hope, not fix to food crisis

BEIRUT (AP) — A ship bringing corn into a port north of Tripoli, Lebanon, would not normally cause a stir. But it’s getting attention where it came from: Ukraine’s Black Sea port of Odessa. Razoni loaded with more than 26,000 tons of corn for chicken feed is coming off the edge of a Russian war … Read more

Ship Ukraine says is carrying stolen grain leaves Lebanon

BEIRUT (AP) — A Syrian ship believed to be carrying Ukrainian grain stolen by Ukraine has left a Lebanese port after authorities in Lebanon allowed it to sail after an investigation, Lebanon’s transport minister tweeted Thursday. Since arriving last Thursday, the Syrian-flagged Laodicea had docked at Tripoli harbor with 10,000 tons of wheat flour and … Read more