She left the dangers of Ukraine only to be killed riding a bike close to home. Hundreds rode in her honor to demand change | CNN

CNN  —  On Thursday, Dan Langenkamp marked 12 weeks since his wife, Sarah, was killed. To honor her, Dan and his two young sons do what they do every day at around 4:05 p.m., the time Sarah died: They drop whatever they are working on, gather together, hold hands and talk to her, sharing details … Read more

As Russian Army Falters in Ukraine, Paramilitary Leader Close to Putin Flexes Power

As Russian forces continue to cheat in Ukraine, paramilitary leaders are closer to Putin’s powerThe Wall Street Journal Ukraine’s SBU Hunts Enemy Inside: ‘Agents’ for RussiaThe Washington Post A man with his own armyGZERO Media Source link

As major powers meet in Asia, the rest of the world is pressed to pick a side | CNN

Editor’s note: A version of this story appeared in CNN’s Middle in China newspaper, a three-times-weekly update exploring what we need to know about the country’s rise and how it affects the world. Sign up here. Hong Kong CNN – world leader Gathering in Phnom Penh This weekend is at a series of international summits … Read more

Ukraine’s Battlefield Gains Likely to Slow After Swift Victories

After a decisive victory against Russian forces since the summer, Ukraine faces increasing obstacles to success on the battlefield. Deeper dug-in troops And the weather slows down the fighting. Ukraine needs to keep Moscow’s embattled forces in a volatile and defensive position, military analysts say. The extent to which Ukraine can inflict damage on Russian … Read more

N. Korea denies US claims it sent artillery shells to Russia

Seoul, South Korea — North Korea has denied US claims that it is sending artillery and ammunition to Russia for use in a war against Russia. UkraineAnd on Tuesday accused the United States of lying. The denial comes amid dozens of weapons tests by North Korea, including short-range missiles that may be nuclear-capable and an … Read more

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu Holds Slight Edge in Election Exit Polls

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu has a slight lead in election exit pollsThe Wall Street Journal Israel Election: Early exit polls show Netanyahu poised to return to powerFox News Netanyahu is poised for a comeback in Israel’s elections, exit polls showReuters Israel Elections: What Could HappenReuters Mint Explainer: A Divided Israel and Netanyahu’s Persistence | MintMint See … Read more

More Than 130 People Dead in Cable Bridge Collapse in India’s Gujarat State

the world Asia India The state’s home minister said a criminal probe has been launched into the agency in charge of repairing the bridge Source link

Russia Moves to Pull Out of Ukraine Grain Deal After Blasts Hit Crimean Port

Updated October 29, 2022 5:41 pm ET Listen to the article (2 minutes) Russia said on Saturday it would suspend its participation Export of agricultural products from Ukrainian portsHe blamed the Ukrainian government for its response to the attack on the occupied Black Sea port of Sevastopol. In a statement published on Telegram, the Ministry … Read more

Myanmar military airstrikes kill about 50, Kachin rebels say | CNN

CNN – A military airstrike reportedly killed dozens of people at a celebration event in MyanmarThe mountainous region of Kachin state on Sunday protested the junta that has ruled the country for more than a year and a half, drawing international condemnation. The victims attended an event organized by the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) to … Read more

NKorea fires missile and shells, further inflaming tensions

Seoul, South Korea — North Korea fired a ballistic missile and 170 artillery rounds into the sea early Friday and fired a warplane near the tense border with South Korea, raising tensions with the North’s recent weapons tests. North Korea’s moves suggest it is reviving an old playbook of fear-mongering war with provocative weapons tests … Read more