Workers Flee From World’s Largest iPhone Factory

Workers fled the world’s largest iPhone factoryNBC News ‘We were scared’: Foxconn iPhone factory workers in China relive Covid chaosHong Kong Free Press Workers flee China’s iPhone factory after COVID-19 lockdownNow this news Time to restTaipei Times China’s zero-covid policy scares workers, record world’s biggest iPhone factory horrorNow is the time See full coverage on … Read more

Hurricane Fiona Targeting Canada After Battering Bermuda

Hurricane Fiona is targeting Canada after hitting BermudaNBC News Tropical update: Hurricane Fiona hits Bermuda; 98L Organize investments betterKHO 11 Hurricane Fiona extends Puerto Rico’s power problems beyond the power gridReuters Canada What’s Worse: Hurricane Fiona or LUMA in Puerto Rico?the hill See full coverage on Google News Source link