Mysterious purple cloud ominously descends upon Chilean city

Residents of Pozo Almonte, Chile woke up Sunday morning to a purple cloud hanging low over their town. Citizens were alarmed by the mysterious cloud and made numerous complaints to the local authorities, who launched an investigation. Photos of mysterious vapors Posted on Twitter Show the purple haze in the sky above houses and businesses. … Read more

The evergreen tree that outlasted the dinosaurs is now endangered | CNN

New documentary “Patagonia: Life at the Edge of the World” explores one of the wildest places on Earth. A six-part series is available CNNgo. You can also access CNNgo through our CNN app. CNN – The ancient monkey puzzle tree has distinctive spiny leaves and intricate scaly branches. Its unusual features, scientists believe, Evolved as … Read more

Chile sinkhole grows large enough to swallow France’s Arc de Triomphe

A sinkhole in Chile has doubled in size, becoming large enough to engulf France’s Arc de Triomphe, prompting authorities to order a halt to work at a nearby copper mine. The sinkhole, which appeared on July 30, now spans 160 feet and has gone down 656 feet. Seattle’s Space Needle would also fit comfortably in … Read more