Azerbaijan takes over Lachin city in line with Armenia peace deal

Azerbaijani troops entered Lachin to replace Russian peacekeepers in accordance with the peace agreement signed with Armenia. Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev has announced that his country’s troops have moved to the strategic city of Lachin to replace Russian peacekeepers stationed there as part of a 2020 peace deal with Armenia. “We, Azerbaijanis, have returned to … Read more

Iran hosts drone tournament with Russia, Belarus and Armenia

The competition will last for two weeks and aims to test the drone’s reconnaissance and gunnery-guidance capabilities. Tehran, Iran – A military drone competition has been launched in central Iran, attended by Russia, Belarus and Armenia. Iranian state television showed footage of a ceremony in the city of Kashan on Monday, where dozens of delegates … Read more

2 dead, at least 60 injured, after fireworks warehouse explodes in Armenian capital

Two people were killed and 60 injured in explosions at a fireworks warehouse in a shopping mall in Armenia’s capital Yerevan on Sunday, Russian news agencies reported. Video footage showed thick gray smoke rising above a building, followed by an explosion that sent people running from the scene. People were trying to clear debris and … Read more

Fireworks blast at Yerevan market kills 1, injures 36

YEREVAN, Armenia (AP) — At least one person was killed, 36 injured and a large fire started Sunday when a massive explosion ripped through a fireworks storage area at a popular market in Armenia’s capital. Firefighters battled the blaze for more than three hours after an afternoon explosion at Surmalu Market sent plumes of smoke … Read more

Explosion hits market in Armenia’s capital, one killed

Developing storiesdeveloping story, An explosion at a market in Yerevan has left unidentified people trapped under the rubble, the mayor’s office says. At least one person has been killed and several unidentified people are feared trapped under the rubble after a powerful explosion rocked a retail market in Armenia’s capital Yerevan, officials said. Rescue workers … Read more

Could there be a new conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan?

Video duration 24 minutes 10 seconds 24:10 Armenia and Azerbaijan have been accusing each other of retaliating near the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh. The area is recognized as part of Azerbaijan, but is mostly controlled by ethnic Armenians. Two Karabakh troops and one Azerbaijani soldier were killed in a district under the supervision of Russian … Read more