Swiss mountain pass will lose all glacier ice ‘in a few weeks’ for first time in centuries

According to a local ski resort, a thick layer of snow in a centuries-old Swiss mountain pass will completely melt in a matter of weeks.

After a dry winter, Summer heat waves are hitting Europe is catastrophic for alpine glaciers, which are melting at an accelerated rate.

The pass between Scex Rouge and Tsanfleuron has been ice-covered since at least Roman times.

But with both glaciers retreating, the exposed bedrock in both is starting to come out – and will be completely ice-free before the end of summer.

“The pass will be fully open air in a few weeks,” Glacier 3000 Ski Resort said in a statement.

While the ice thickness in 2012 was measured to be around 15 meters (5 ft), “the ground below will be completely re-formed by the end of September”.

The ridge is at 2,800 meters in the Glacier 3000 ski area and effectively marks the border between the cantons of Vaud and Valais in the west. Switzerland.

Skiers were gliding from one glacier to another. But now a strip of rock has formed between them, with only the last ice remaining.

Glaciologist Mauro Fischer, a researcher at the University of Bern, said the region’s glaciers will lose an average of three times more thickness this year than in the past 10 summers.

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