Sprinter Ricardo Dos Santos pulled over by police in London for second time

An athlete who was allegedly racially profiled during a stop and search two years ago says he was pulled over a second time by “seven armed officers” while walking home. London at the end of the week.

Portuguese sprinter Ricardo dos Santos published a series of tweets and video footage of him being pulled over and questioned by police.

Dos Santos said he was believed to be on his phone when officers stopped him, and because he didn’t know how to open the Tesla car door, one officer pulled a baton from his pocket “out of desperation ready to break the glass.”

Police said a regular armed patrol was called for further assistance after the car initially failed to stop on request.

Dos Santos said “nothing has changed” since he was pulled over. Two years ago with his partner, Bianca Williams, and their daughter.

He tweeted, “Not surprised I have to go through this again. “On my way home last night I was stopped by 7 armed @metpoliceuk officers because they thought I was on my phone while driving. At their request I pulled over when it was safe to do so.

“After I stopped two officers ran from either side of the car, punched my window and tried to open the car door. Not knowing how to use Tesla’s handle, he pulled out his baton in frustration to break the glass.

“Angry that nothing has changed in 2 years but they still control the police. Why should 7 armed officers be present when I am alone? 2 or 3 max will be enough.

He later said he only shared part of the footage on social media as his lawyer had the rest.

In July 2020, footage of Williams and dos Santos being searched and handcuffed was widely shared on social media, after Williams alleged. The police profiled him as a racist.

Following the search, details of the couple’s three-month-old baby were also stored in a police database called Merlin, which is used to record information about children known to officers.

In April, police watchdog the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) said an acting police sergeant and four police constables would all face serious misconduct disciplinary hearings over the incident.

The Met said the stop was made this weekend because it was “concerned about drivers using mobile phones at the wheel”.

In a statement, the force said: “We are aware of footage on social media which shows part of the stop on the car. At 04.00 am on Sunday, 14 August, armed officers were on routine patrol in a marked police vehicle.

“They saw a car traveling east on the A40 Westway and became concerned that the driver may have been using a mobile phone at the wheel.

“The officers clearly signaled for the car to pull over but failed to do so and called for further assistance. The driver stopped in Orsett Terrace W2 about five minutes later and officers spoke to him about why he wanted to stop the vehicle.

“After the conversation the vehicle was allowed to go. We have since contacted the driver via Twitter and invited him to contact us if he wishes to discuss the matter further.”

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