Sharks bite boy, 8, during Bahamas vacation, report says: ‘Like a scene from Jaws’

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A nurse shark attacks An 8-year-old British boy who vacationed with his family in the Bahamas in what the boy’s father described as a scene from the movie “Jaws.”

Finlay Downer was bitten on both legs by at least three nurse sharks after he went to a lake where he saw sharks swimming among a crowd of people, his father Michael told the Sun. However, the children did not realize that the sharks were being fed pieces of food When they went into the water.

“There was a lot of blood,” Michaels told the outlet. “He had pieces of his leg hanging off.”

As Finley screamed for help, his 12-year-old sister managed to pull him out of the pool by his arms, the report said. He was taken to hospital for treatment and operated for three hours.

A 1,400-pound great white shark was spotted near Myrtle Beach

“My son could be killed,” Michael said. “It was like a jaw dropping.”

Nurse sharks are slow-moving bottom dwellers that can grow up to 14 feet in length. Their jaws are filled with thousands of small, jagged teeth.
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However, tour operator Exuma Escapes told the outlet that the family went to the lake without a guide. Not used on his tour.

Finley and his family returned to their home in Kettering, A city in England. The boy had to use a wheelchair and is expected to have permanent injuries to his legs, the report said.

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According to National Geographic, nurse sharks are bottom dwellers that move slowly and generally do not harm humans. However, the Sharks have been identified Acts of defense include biting humans with strong jaws filled with thousands of serrated teeth.

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