Shanghai Ikea customers flee as officials attempt to lock down store

Spontaneous lockdown of Ikea stores in Shanghai, ChinaOver the weekend, customers panicked because of Covid-19, according to a viral video showing the incident.

Footage circulating online shows officers trying to close the doors on a crowd of people who eventually overpowered the officers and managed to escape.

The Telegram reported that Zhao Danda, deputy director of Shanghai’s health commission, confirmed that the IKEA store was notified of the sudden lockdown because a visitor to the location was determined to have been in close contact with a 6-year-old boy who tested positive. For COVID-19.

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According to the outlet, visitors to the store posted online that some customers who were unable to escape were locked in the building for several hours before being taken to a hotel for quarantine.

An Ikea store in Shanghai, China was spontaneously locked down over the weekend after a customer was in close contact with a Covid-19 patient. (Reuters/Stephen Mahe/Reuters Photo)

Ikea confirmed Fox business Its Shanghai Zhuhui store was temporarily closed on August 14 and 15 “in response to the authorities’ epidemic prevention guidelines”.

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The company said the store reopened on Aug. 16 and “apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

Shanghai Zero-Covid

Medical personnel work at a curbside spot offering 24-hour SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid testing to citizens in Shanghai, China, at midnight on Friday, June 03, 2022. (Getty Images/Getty Images via Ray Young/Feature China/Future Publishing)

China continues its work “Zero-Covid” policy Aggressive testing of buildings and premises, including tracking and targeted lockdowns in an effort to control the virus.

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Earlier this year, the The whole city of Shanghai Its 25 million residents were locked down for two months, barring them from leaving their homes.

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