Russia’s Panicked Confession: This Is What Scares Us Most

In a recent interview with Russian state media outlet TASS, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s North American Department, Alexander Darichev, said the U.S. was involved in the incident. Russia is a state sponsor of terrorism, this will mark the “point of no return” in relations between the two countries. Speaking on behalf of a country that has mercilessly invaded its tiny neighbor and is constantly accused of human rights abuses and serious war crimes, Darichev brazenly claimed on Saturday that the West, led by the US, had “trampled international law and absolute prohibitions. in diplomatic affairs.”

Appearing on a state TV program Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov A day later, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova railed against the possibility of such a designation, claiming the plans were prompted by America’s failure to isolate Russia from the rest of the world. Zakharova mocked the level of competence of American officials, questioning whether they even knew how to read. Moscow has repeatedly warned Washington America should label Russia as a sponsor of terrorism.

Bilateral resolution declaring Russia a state sponsor of terrorism passed in the Senate in late July after being introduced by Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT). In the House of Representatives, Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned Secretary of State Anthony Blinken that unless he moves forward with the designation, Congress will pass appropriate legislation on its own accord.

Last week, Latvia’s parliament declared Russia a “state sponsor of terrorism” for attacks on civilians during the war in Ukraine and called on other countries to follow suit. Richards Coles, chairman of the parliament’s foreign affairs committee, asserted: “Russia has supported and financed terrorist regimes and organizations in various ways, directly and indirectly, for years.” To illustrate that point, Coles cites Russia’s involvement in Syria, the downing of MH-17 over eastern Ukraine in 2014, and the poisoning of Sergei Skripal in the UK in 2018.

Lithuania adopted a similar resolution in May, and Estonia soon followed suit. The prospect of global appeal for the initiative daunted keynote speakers Russian state television.

The measure would add Russia to the list of defeated states like North Korea, Iran, Syria and Cuba, allowing world governments to expand the list of measures and sanctions to further pressure Putin’s regime, including a ban on defense exports and additional economic sanctions. Prominent pundits and experts on Russian state TV explained that the potential designation worries Moscow most not because of the damage to Russia’s reputation, but for legal and financial reasons.

Two weeks ago, Andrey Sidorov, deputy dean of world politics at Moscow State University, explained why Moscow is so reluctant to label it a sponsor of terrorism: “As for declaring Russia a sponsor of terrorism – they will probably pass this law. . Undoubtedly, all the restrictions they can impose on us are already in place. That’s not the scary part. What’s going to hurt is that families who have been harmed by a country that sponsors terrorism have the right to file claims in US courts. Ukrainian citizens will be able to file claims. Where will the resources come from to pay these claims?”

Referring to $300 billion of Russia’s $640 billion in gold and foreign exchange reserves frozen by Western sanctions, host Vladimir Solovyov opined: “They’re looking for a way to grab our $300 billion.” Sidorov agreed: “They will take $300 billion as ordered by the court.”

Russian experts apparently appreciate this idea to take Ukraine’s vast mineral and energy resources, predicted to fuel Russia’s failing economy. In addition to stealing Ukraine’s wealth, pro-Putin propagandists are openly hoping to get their seized funds and assets back—even threatening a nuclear attack to secure their release. The prospect of these billions being lost for good is more alarming than any label for Putin’s regime.

Russia has nothing to hope for.

Solovyov, twice honored by President Vladimir Putin for his services to the Fatherland, proposed a solution: to force all Ukrainians to become Russian citizens after taking control of all of Ukraine. Russia’s genocidal intentions regarding the neighboring country were clear from the beginning, but Moscow’s mouthpieces are now trying to blame the West for the destruction of Ukraine.

Speaking about the Ukrainian victims of the Russian invasion, Solovyov said: “These families should not have the opportunity to file a case in a court of law. They should become Russian citizens and the nation of Ukraine should disappear completely. Earlier in August, he appeared on a government TV show 60 minutesMilitary expert Igor Korochenko Agreed Russia wants to wipe Ukraine off the map, because “it never really existed in the first place,” believing that it is “anti-Russian” and therefore has no right to exist.

Whatever the ultimate outcome of Russia’s war against Ukraine, Moscow’s prospects as a world power remain bleak. Attended the event Solovyov Live On Monday, Yevgeny Satanovsky, president of the Institute of the Middle East, noted with solemn resignation, “With respect to the West as a whole, especially where the US, Europe or international organizations are concerned, Russia has nothing to hope for.”

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