Russia-Ukraine war: what we know on day 173 of the invasion

  • At least three civilians have been killed in Russian shelling in the east Donetsk Oblast. At least three Ukrainian civilians were killed and 13 wounded in Russian army artillery fire in Donetsk, Ukrainian officials said Monday.

  • Ukraine says it has struck a base used by Wagner group, according to reports. Ukraine said it had struck a base used by Russian paramilitary groups as well as a bridge near the occupied city of Melitopol, AFP reported.

  • Five people have been injured in Russian shelling in Kharkiv. A high-ranking official of Ukraine has informed that the condition of two of them is critical.

  • Putin says Russia is ready to offer allies in Latin AmericaAsia and Africa “advanced” weapons. Putin used a speech at an arms exhibition near Moscow to boast about Russia’s advanced weapons capabilities and announce his willingness to share technology with like-minded countries. In a letter to Kim Jong-un for Korea’s Liberation Day, Putin said closer ties would be in the interests of both countries and help strengthen the security and stability of the Korean Peninsula and the Northeast Asian region, North Korea’s KCNA news agency said.

  • The UN has said it may facilitate a damaged visit to Ukraine by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Zaporizhia A nuclear power plant if Russia and Ukraine agreed A total of 42 countries have called on Russia to immediately withdraw military forces from the plant, including the US, Japan and the UK, as well as the EU. The IAEA has warned of a possible nuclear disaster if the fighting does not stop.

  • On the occasion of the Armed Forces Day of Poland, Commander-in-Chief of Ukraine, Valery Zaluznyhas released a video statement commemorating the national holiday. In the video, he says in Polish: “Today, exactly 102 years ago, we are once again facing a centuries-old enemy together.” Commemorates the anniversary of the 1920 victory over Soviet Russia at the Battle of Warsaw.

  • Kyivis old A cold warning has been issued for citizens due to gas shortage. Vitali Klitschko, a former boxing champion and mayor of Kyiv, said he did not want to reassure residents that “everything will be fine” and that there were “harsh realities” in the country.

  • US basketball star Brittany Griner’s defense team has appealed her conviction for drug possession and trafficking, Griner’s lawyer Maria Blagovolina told Reuters on Monday. Griner, who played for a Russian club, was arrested on February 17 at a Moscow airport after marijuana vapor cartridges were found in her luggage. She pleaded guilty to the charges but said she made an “honest mistake” by entering Russia with cannabis oil, which is illegal in the country. On August 4, she was convicted and sentenced to nine years.

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