Russia is at war with NATO: Kremlin official

NATO Russia is fighting a war on Ukrainian territory, Russian First Deputy Chief of Presidential Staff Sergei Kiriyenko said on Wednesday.

Kiriyenko, whose comments were reported by a Russian state-owned news agency TASSAt the opening ceremony of the Digoria Forum for Young Political Scientists, the West accused Russia of conducting a “hot military operation”.

“We understand very well that we are not at war with Ukraine on the territory of Ukraine and, of course, not with the Ukrainian people,” TASS quoted him as saying. “The entire NATO bloc is waging a war against Russia on the territory of Ukraine and at the hands of the Ukrainian people.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin It has refrained from calling its attack on Ukraine a war, instead referring to it as a “special military operation”. They have not announced any definite plans to bring or declare conflict beyond Ukraine’s borders. War against NATOA defensive military alliance with 30 member states.

NATO is at war with Russia on Ukrainian territory, Russian First Deputy Chief of Presidential Staff Sergei Kiriyenko said on Wednesday. Above, Kiriyenko speaks during a presidential administration briefing on June 11, 2021 in Moscow, Russia.
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Still, Putin warned in recent months that any countries They “pose a strategic threat to Russia”. A “lightning strike” can be expected during the Ukraine offensive that will be “lightning-fast”.

Some NATO countries have sent arms and other military aid to Ukraine. Provided by US High mobility artillery rocket systems (HIMARS) has attracted attention in recent weeks as reported by the Armed Forces of Ukraine A string of successful strikes on Russian targets.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned in a Russian state-television interview in April that by arming western Ukraine, “NATO is essentially waging a proxy war with Russia and arming that proxy,” according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. The Wall Street Journal.

Kiriyenko on Wednesday also accused the Ukrainian leadership of allowing his country and people to become NATO proxies.

“They provided the territory of Ukraine and the people of Ukraine in an attempt to create a fundamental conflict within the Western community against Russia over that territory,” he said. “Of course, NATO will eagerly fight, because they themselves do not hesitate to declare against Russia to the last Ukrainian and without remorse.”

Since the start of the war, Russian state television has suggested that the country a Direct confrontation with NATO. But the Secretary of Defense of the United States Lloyd Austin It is an attack against the alliance, he said in May Risks Putin is unwilling to take.

“If Russia decides to attack any NATO member nation, that’s a game changer,” Austin said in testimony before the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense alongside Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley.

“But if you look at Putin’s calculus, my view—and I’m sure the president has his own view—but my view is that Russia does not want to confront the NATO alliance.”

Newsweek The Kremlin and NATO were reached for comment.

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