Rollercoaster accident at Legoland Germany injures more than 30

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More than 30 people were injured after two rollercoaster cars collided on the tracks at a Legoland park in southern Germany on Thursday, prompting the park’s owners to shut down the ride and evacuate the premises.

Legoland Germany said in a statement that the accident occurred at the “Fuerdrache” or “Fire Dragon” attraction at around 1:45pm local time. A roller coaster car was stopped in front of the station entrance – but the second car failed to stop and hit the first car, the statement said.

It was not clear why the second car failed to stop, Legoland said, adding that the ride would be closed “for a while” but that the park would reopen on Friday. Police said Britain’s Sky News has launched a criminal investigation Reported.

The accident was the second rollercoaster accident in as many weeks in Germany. Last week, a 57-year-old woman died after falling off a seat on a roller coaster at Wild and Freezeitpark Cloughton. The car overturned on a bend in Deutsche Welle, Germany and fell 26 feet Reported.

At the Legoland resort, about an hour outside Munich, two cars carrying a total of 38 passengers collided and 31 were treated for minor injuries by doctors and paramedics on site. 14 of them have been sent to hospital for further observation, the park said.

“We want to thank all the emergency workers who are showing great commitment here [the] site today and we wish everyone involved a speedy recovery,” Legoland Germany divisional director Manuela Stone said in a statement to the Post.

Fire Dragon is a medieval themed ride with castle-like structures, stained-glass windows and fake stone arches. The trains carrying passengers are green in color and shaped like a dragon.

“Ride on the back of a fire-breathing dragon, see what life was like in a medieval castle, meet brave knights and beautiful maidens,” it reads. Description of the ride on the Legoland Resort website. “But be careful — don’t spook the LEGO® dragons guarding the treasure! Stepping through the open gate, you reach the final run of the ride that will leave you reeling as you race this roller coaster.”

This attraction is open to passengers 8 years and older or 6 years and older.

Accordingly, the ride had a maximum speed of 35 mph and a maximum height of 52 feet Dark Ride DatabaseWebsite for information about various theme park attractions.

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