New York Times glowingly profiles ‘convinced Marxist’ politician in Europe: ‘The Communists care’

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The The New York Times A glowing profile of the Austrian communist politician Elke Kahr was published on Friday, drawing almost no criticism. “Yes, this communist politician from Graz, Austria, wants to redistribute wealth, but her focus on housing, her own modest lifestyle, and tough childhood helped her rise to popularity,” read the article’s subtitle.

Kahr was elected mayor of Graz, Austria’s second largest city, in September and is the leader of the country’s Communist Party. Dennis Hruby of The Times noted that Kahr “smiles” at the fact that her city is now referred to as “Leningraz” and she affirms, “Yes, 100 percent, I’m a convinced Marxist.”

“Supporters and critics alike describe her as easy-going, pleasant and a straight shooter. Voters often praise her as ‘not a politician, but a social activist,'” Hruby noted.

Kahr’s work on housing was particularly spotlighted, beginning with the Tenant Emergency Hotline at the end of the Cold War. “Poor and rich, left and right, say, and word of mouth spreads: Communists care,” the Times continued.

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VIENNA, AUSTRIA – OCTOBER 25: The flag of Austria is displayed before the meeting of King Abdullah of Jordan and President of Austria Alexander van der Bellen at the Hofburg Palace on October 25, 2021 in Vienna, Austria.
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The Times described Communist mayor “As a person trying to get acquainted on the streets of the city.”

It was also reported that, “During her political career, she has given away three-quarters of her after-tax salary. Since becoming a city councilor in 2005, Ms. Kahr’s handouts have totaled over one million euros, or roughly $1,020,000. .”

Only at the end was there a discussion of criticism in the piece.

“Often, the criticism stems not from Ms. Kahr’s work, but from her unquestioning embrace of her ideology,” Hruby wrote. “For example, her praise of the former Yugoslavia, a multi-ethnic and disjointed state run by a dictator, shows ‘historical stubbornness,'” said Christian Fleck, professor of sociology at the University of Graz.

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FILE - - People walk behind a red banner with a hammer and sickle symbol during a May Day rally in Istanbul, Turkey on May 1, 2016.

FILE – – People walk behind a red banner with a hammer and sickle symbol during a May Day rally in Istanbul, Turkey on May 1, 2016.
(Reuters/Murad Cesar)

“But constituents don’t worry, her approval rating in June is at 65 percent,” Hruby wrote.

“Smoking cigarettes, a vice she could not surrender, Ms Kahr reflected on why communism had failed elsewhere,” the profile reported.

“It depends,” Hruby said, “on whether the leaders live by it.”

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The article ended on that encouraging note about the Communists, without giving any historical reference to the hundred million plus people. Communism killed In the 20th century or so, millions of people were oppressed.

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