Mysterious purple cloud ominously descends upon Chilean city

Residents of Pozo Almonte, Chile woke up Sunday morning to a purple cloud hanging low over their town.

Citizens were alarmed by the mysterious cloud and made numerous complaints to the local authorities, who launched an investigation.

Photos of mysterious vapors Posted on Twitter Show the purple haze in the sky above houses and businesses.

Authorities in Chile claimed the cloud was caused by a pump failure at the Cala Cala mine, owned by the Saltpeter and Iodine Company, which could have released iodine vapor. Iodine turns purple when heated in gaseous state.

“We are conducting an investigation, which tells us that the incident was caused by a failure of the motor of the impeller pump,” said Christian Ibanez, deputy head of Chile’s Tarapaca region. said to Surya.

Officials say the cloud was caused by a malfunctioning pump in a local mine.

Tarapaca Region Representative Daniel Quinteros claimed that no medical problems related to Cloud have been reported.

“We are in touch with the environmental superintendent so that tomorrow we can evaluate filing a complaint for non-compliance with the rules and commitments made by the company in environmental matters,” Quinteros said.

Officials monitored the cloud for 48 hours.

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