Mother dies on plane in front of her children as she flew home to UK

A friend said the British mother “died in her sleep” as she returned to the UK with her husband and children.

Mother-of-two and nanny Helen Rhodes was returning home with her family after a 15-year “adventure” in Hong Kong.

After several hours on the long-haul flight, Ms. Rhodes became unresponsive and could not be resuscitated.

“It all unfolded in front of her kids,” her friend Jayne said on a GoFundMe page set up to support the JJ family.

For the remaining eight hours, Ms Rhodes “slept breathlessly in her seat”.

“Although it was traumatic for the family, it was time for them to tell her what she had to say. Needless to mention, they are devastated,” Ms JJ wrote.

When the plane landed in Frankfurt, Ms Rhodes’ body remained in the German city, while her husband Simon and their two children Nathan and Emma returned to the UK.

Ms JJ said: “Helen and her family wrapped up life in Hong Kong for over 15 years and started a new chapter at home in the UK.

“Helen was excited and nervous about the move, but she was looking forward to seeing her family back home, as she hadn’t seen her family or elderly parents since the epidemic began. Unfortunately, she never got to see them again.”

She described Ms Rhodes as “a kind of gem” who was the “glue that held the family together”.

While living in the Tung Chung area of ​​Hong Kong, Ms. Rhodes was known as “the pulse of her community” and everyone she knew would stop her on the street.

She became an invaluable member of the district’s local maternity group and members’ point of reference for anything medical-related, Ms JJ said.

Paying tribute at the end of the post, Ms JJ added: “This fundraiser is to honor this beautiful woman who was loved by so many, a dear friend who touched so many.

“We can only hope that she knows how much she means to us and how her void cannot be filled. How painful and unreal is this loss.

“The sadness we feel is paralysis. Nevertheless, we feel lucky to have known her.”

Tung Chung resident Andrew Spiers paid tribute to Ms Rhodes. Writing on Facebook, he said: “Sadly Tung Chung’s own Helen Rhodes died on the flight back to the UK. She was with her husband Simon and two children.

“I only knew Helen at the ‘school gates’ level but she was the most caring, generous and thoughtful person; The most chat! Tung Chung and school pick-up wouldn’t be the same without you.”

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