Married woman in China who dated 18 men at once arrested for scamming them out of $300,000

To help finance her lavish lifestyle, a married woman in China paid nearly 20 men a total of 2 million yuan (approx. $296,256) as of 2017.

A 29-year-old woman surnamed Wu started the baiting male A fake marriage contract in 2017, even allegedly dating 18 men at once, Shanghai TV reported.

Wu would allegedly lure men into fake relationships by convincing them that her feelings were genuine and that she was in love. She will take it Pre wedding photos With men, who called her “wife”.

Once Wu seduced the men, the 29-year-old would allegedly request money, explaining that she needed to help several family members. Some of her explanations include her father having cancer, her cousin needing bail from jail, and her brother needing money to buy a house after the wedding.

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Some of the men Wu dated took out loans to meet her cash requests.

Wu’s boyfriend became suspicious of her and threatened to report her to the police. She will then request money from her new boyfriend to repay old lovers.

Earlier this year, Wu’s elaborate plan began to fall apart when she asked one of her boyfriends, surnamed Wang, to pose as her brother. She explained that she was trying to get rid of another man, surnamed Lee, who she claimed was tracking her over unpaid taxes.

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Wang had loaned Wu about 900,000 yuan (approximately $133,315).

After his suspicions, in June, Wang demanded to see his and Wu’s parents, threatening to break up with her and take back his money if she refused. After she said she could not return the money at the time, Wang reported Wu to the police.

“The man asked me when we can return the money to him. He said he was short of money and had already sold his house,” Wang told the police to the South China Morning Post. “I was immediately suspicious of Wu. How is it possible that a person who forces others to pay taxes sells his own house?”

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Wu has been married since 2014 and has a 2-year-old son with her husband. Shanghai police discovered Wu was living with her husband in a rented house where she claimed to work as a fashion model.

During the investigation, Wu stated that she was single and was dating men to fund her expensive lifestyle. She added that the money was going to her siblings and her parents, who live outside Shanghai.

Police are currently investigating the situation.

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