Man in China arrested for marrying off underage, mentally disabled daughter to 3 different men for money

A man in central China married off his mentally disabled teenage daughter to three different men for cash between 2018 and 2021.

The father, surnamed Xie, was from Lianyuan, Hunan Province. He sold his daughter Tingting to receive Bride Payments. He claimed that his daughter was more than 20 years old, even though she was born in January 2005.

Tingting The first engagement took place 2018 to a man when she was under 14 years of age. In 2019, she got married at the age of 30 to a man surnamed Chen. She had just turned 14, although Zee kept her true age a secret. The matchmaker who brought the two together said she was “18 and young and fertile” and that she “didn’t even know one plus one equals two.”

When Chen asks Tingting for her ID to open a bank account, she learns that she is only 16 years old. However, they were married for more than two years, so he and his family expressed disinterest.

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“She was young and fertile, which is hard to find in the countryside,” Chen told the South China Morning Post.

Xie received more than 90,000 yuan (approximately $13,328) from Chen’s family. He also collected thousands of yuan from the other two men.

When the Chen family found out that Xie had sold their daughter to a third family, they demanded their money back. Zee refused to return the money.

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When police arrested Zee in March, they found he had spent all the money. The Lianyuan City Public Security Bureau announced on August 2 that the investigation had been completed. The case has now been sent to prosecutors as they decide whether to charge Xie with fraud.

Xie’s wife, who also has mental disabilities, was sent to a nursing home in Lianyuan City Center, while Tingying was sent to the Lianyuan City Social Welfare Institute.

Weibo users expressed outrage, condemning the father.

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“[He’s] Being prosecuted for alleged fraud [but] Aren’t physical harm to girls and ‘human trafficking’ illegal? One user wrote.

“There’s more crime, no [just] Fraud crimes,” another user commented.

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