Man Arrested Walking Around With Father’s Decapitated Head and a Knife

Police said a man was arrested near the Lyon suburb of Saint-Priest after they found a father’s severed head in one hand and the knife used to remove it in the other.

The horrific incident began when police found the father’s body in a parking lot over the weekend. Locals said there was a heated argument between the family members and the son chasing the father with a big knife.

Witnesses say the attackers shouted “Allah Akbar,” or God is great, which is traditionally associated with terror attacks, but have determined the incident was a family dispute. According to the ActuLyon news site.

The police then followed a trail of blood where the 25-year-old boy stood with indisputable evidence. Police say they struggled to get custody of the boy.

The weekend attack was carried out by a local Moroccan man known to police for petty crime and drug charges.

“I am deeply shocked by this disgusting inter-family drama in our city. What kind of society do we live in? How can we come to such acts?” Saint-Priest Mayor Gilles Gascon said. “I would like to thank our municipal and national police for their quick intervention and leadership of our video surveillance center.”

This is not the first time such heinous crimes have taken place in the small Lyon suburb. In 2013, an elderly woman was found with her head on the floor in her bathroom. In 2020, another elderly woman was brutally beaten by her son not far from where the new crime took place. And in 2015, a businessman was beheaded by an employee in what was determined to be an Islamic terrorist attack.

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