Kim Jong Un Was ‘Seriously Unwell’ During North Korean COVID Outbreak, Sister Says

After Kim Jong Un announced what North Korea claimed was a “shining victory” in the fight against Covid, Kim Jong Un’s sister revealed that the country’s dictator himself had been killed by the virus. At a meeting of health officials and researchers in Pyongyang on Wednesday, Kim Yo Jong also vowed “deadly revenge” against South Korea if it fails to contain it. Promotional balloons Flying over the border, which North Korean officials have suspiciously blamed for bringing Covid to their country. “Even though he was seriously ill with a high fever, he could not sleep even for a moment thinking about the people he had to take care of until the end during the anti-epidemic war,” Kim Yo Jong said of her. In footage shared by brothers of her address on North Korean TV—the first time her speech was broadcast—members of the audience can be seen wiping away tears.

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