Intercepted conversation with Russian soldier reveals complaints about conditions in Russian army

Russian soldiers are complaining about the conditions in the Russian army

In particular, one of the attackers overheard a woman talking about the desertion of large numbers of Russian troops involved in the war against Ukraine.

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“I have 11 people left in my platoon, should be 30,” he said.

“There were 320 people in our regiment, 52 of us are left. Not only are there wounded and killed, but also many deserters.

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The Russian aggressor in Kharkiv Oblast, speaking of replenishing the armed forces of the aggressors, said only “ragtag” troops had arrived there after the lifting of recruitment restrictions.

This conversation also had to do with where the unit’s staff came from. The invader noted the absence of people from the occupied Crimea in the invading armies.

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The Russian also spoke of an “unfortunate incident” in which his comrade-in-arms lost an unspecified part of his body in an explosion from a booby-trap planted by the attackers themselves earlier.

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