Health care workers win $10M settlement over hospitals’ COVID vaccine mandate: ‘This is a big wakeup call’

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Some Chicago health care workers will receive financial payments after winning a Settlement v. NorthShore University HealthSysTem According to the company’s covid vaccine order.

Northshore must pay $10.3 million to employees denied religious exemptions.

Matt Staver, founder and president of Liberty Counsel, was behind the settlement. Stever explained “Fox and Friends” On Tuesday, NorthShore implemented a “job or job” policy, meaning employees had to get vaccinated or be fired.

“They were all denied religious accommodation,” Staver told the host Will Kane. “It was virtually no religious accommodation, which they are required to do under a federal employment law called Title VII.”

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Protesters opposing the government’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate and vaccine passports rally at City Hall on August 25, 2021, in New York City.
(Angela Weiss/AFP)

Staver explained that Title VII applies to both private and public employers and must accommodate bona fide religious beliefs.

Northshore employees who were fired or forced to resign will receive $25,000 and those who were Forced to take the vaccine will receive $3,000 as part of the settlement.

Staver said Northshore resisted the lawsuit early in the process.

“But as we delved further, it became clear that they didn’t have the support and were going to lose big time,” he said.

Staver said that in addition to financial payouts, Northshore We also have to change our policy.

“There will no longer be any religious accommodation policy. Every post will be accommodated,” he said. “All people can return without losing seniority or job status.”

Staver said he believes the case will have a wider impact.

“This is a big wakeup call for employers across the country who have not made these accommodations because they are required under Title VII,” he said.

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“And I think that the employees who were abused and lost their jobs or were threatened with losing their jobs and some of them retirement, they can get justice.”

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