German diplomat busted in Brazil for allegedly killing husband: report

A German diplomat working in Brazil has been arrested for fatally beating his 20-year-old husband and later trying to cover up the crime, a report said.

Uwe Herbert Hahn, who works as the German consul in Rio de Janeiro, is accused of murdering her Belgian husband Walter Henri Maximilian Biot on Saturday – just a week before his 53rd birthday. According to a report by The Straits Times.

Uwe Herbert Hahn (right) is accused of killing her husband Walter Henry Maximilian Biot (left).
Walter Henry Maximilian Biot had “various wounds” and “disorders” on his body.
Andre Borges/AFP via Getty Images
Uwe Herbert Hahn.
Uwe Herbert Hahn will not receive diplomatic immunity due to the severity of the charges against him.

Hahn allegedly told officers Biott died from drinking and sleeping pills when he became ill, collapsed and hit his head, police said.

But a forensic report revealed that Biot — found in the couple’s Ipanema Beach apartment — had been brutally beaten, authorities said.

Biot’s body “revealed various injuries, including to the torso, consistent with injuries from stomping, as well as injuries consistent with an assault with a cylindrical device,” Officer Camila Lourenco said on social media, according to the report.

“The version of events given by counsel, in which the victim fell, is inconsistent with the findings of the forensic report,” said Lourenco of Rio de Janeiro’s 14th district.

“The corpse is screaming about the circumstances of his death,” she said.

Hahn is accused of not only lying about how her husband died, but of trying to cover up the scene before the police arrived, the news site reported.

Hahn will not receive diplomatic immunity due to the severity of the charges against him, the outlet said, citing local media.

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