French diver breaks world record with deep dive

Story: This freediver breaks the world record for the deepest dive

Location: Long Island, Bahamas

26-year-old Arnaud GĂ©rald descended to a depth of 393.7 feet in a bi-fin.

It took 3 minutes and 34 seconds to complete the dive

This is the seventh time the Frenchman has broken the world record in his career

[Arnaud Jerald, French freediver] “It was an amazing dive. I can’t believe I made it. I put everything into my training here this winter. But when you make it, it’s bigger than I imagined and I feel safe here with the team. This is my seventh. The world record was and now I think I’m really enjoying it because it was over (important) than the world record statue, he was just enjoying my dive and then everything could come easily. I was focused the day before and now for sure we’ll tell after this dive. What we can do, what I hope to do. I just want to enjoy more and continue my way, train more.”

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