Former Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi sentenced to 6 more years in prison

The latest verdict in a series of secret trials against the Nobel laureate brought her total prison term to 17 years and came as the UN’s special envoy on Myanmar traveled to the country on Monday to draw attention to the “ongoing (rights) situation”.

Suu Kyi, 77, was previously found guilty in June of a range of crimes ranging from corruption to election violations.

On Monday, Suu Kyi was sentenced on charges of using government-owned land to build a house with funds from a charity. According to Myanmar News Agency (MNA).

Three other former government officials were also sentenced to three years in prison on similar charges, state media said.

Suu Kyi is being held in in solitary confinement in prison in the capital Naypyitaw and denied all charges against her.
International rights groups and world leaders have expressed concern about the decline State It dismissed human rights in Myanmar and the ongoing trials against Suu Kyi as “unfair and unjust”.

Elaine Pearson, executive Asia director of Human Rights Watch (HRW), said in a statement on Monday that “the unjust conviction and sentence of Aung San Suu Kyi by the Myanmar military is part of a systematic assault on human rights across the country.”

“The military’s willingness to forcibly disappear the country’s high-profile civilian leader reveals the brutality that little-known political prisoners face,” Pearson said.

Meanwhile, the UN’s special envoy for Myanmar, Noelle Heiser, traveled to Myanmar on Monday to “address the ongoing situation and immediate concerns,” the UN said in a statement.

“The Special Envoy’s visit follows her extensive consultation with actors across the political spectrum, civil society as well as communities affected by the ongoing conflict,” The statement said.

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