Ex-general says Afghanistan pullout puts US ‘back where we started’ 20 years ago

A year after President Biden A chaotic and disastrous military withdrawal from AfghanistanWhen al Qaeda carried out the 9/11 attacks two decades ago, America found itself “back where we started,” a retired four-star general said Sunday.

General Jack Keane called the current situation in Afghanistan “tragic” and “preventable” and said the Taliban had consolidated their tyrannical rule and continued to harbor terrorists. America’s withdrawal from war-torn countries.

Afghanistan is a haven for terrorism. We stayed there for 20 years for the same reason we went there, to make sure that terrorists never attack the American people again, and we’re back where we started. Keane said on “Fox News Sunday.”

US and allied forces in Afghanistan have kept the Taliban at bay, claims General Jack Keane.
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Taliban fighters armed with American weapons.
General Jack Keane says the Taliban are “shutting down all common cultural aspirations of a nation or a people.”
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“The Taliban have returned to their harsh regime of the 1990s, denying people individual rights,” he said.

“Women cannot work, cannot go to school. They are controlling all culture, dress, music in the country,” Keane said of the terror group. “They are simply shutting down all the common cultural aspirations that a nation or a people would have.”

A former army general said the US launched the war in Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks to prevent the Taliban from returning to power and to give terrorist groups like al Qaeda a safe haven to plot against the US and its allies.

“And what do we get from this decision? “This leaves us with the Taliban in charge of providing sanctuary to the Taliban again – that is, providing sanctuary to Al Qaeda,” he said.

Keen said that The assassination of Ayman al-Zawahiri earlier this month — who took over running the terror group after the death of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan in 2011 — stood on the balcony of his home in the capital of Kabul, showing the Taliban still harbors the group.

“Al-Zawahiri’s killing brought to light the fact that he lives in a Taliban house in a neighborhood where I have been several times where senior Taliban leaders live and, clearly, they are protecting the leader of Al Qaeda as well as his organization. . And to this day, we’ve done nothing against that organization and nothing against ISIS,” Keane said

The full presence of US and allied forces in Afghanistan has kept the Taliban at bay and prevented the fundamentalist group from taking over the government after Biden’s withdrawal, he said.

The US military presence prevented Al Qaeda from gaining a foothold in the country and gaining strength.

“The president thought he knew better. And he was very defiant and rejected all their advice. And then they a false description For Americans I find that very annoying. He said: My choice now is to get out or send thousands of American troops back here to fight the Taliban and suffer casualties while doing it,” Keane said.

Due to that decision 13 US service members killed, Killed in a suicide bombing outside the Kabul airport and the sacrifice of thousands of Afghan citizens who aided the US in the 20-year war in Afghanistan. of

“We are talking about an emergency evacuation that could have been prevented by the president’s decision – if he had consulted his advisers and advisers. And of course, it was very sad that we were going to have those soldiers go out,” Keane said.

“We’ve left behind 80,000 people who still want to leave who we recognize as partners of the United States, and that certainly overshadows this.”

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