Chinese NGO accuses ‘warmongering’ US of violating human rights in the Middle East

A report published on Tuesday by the China Society for Human Rights Studies (CSHRS), a Chinese NGO, accused the US of violating human rights in the Middle East.

in Report Entitled “The US Commits Serious Human Rights Violations in the Middle East and Beyond,” the CSHRS lists some of the alleged violations committed by the US in the Middle East war, including crimes against humanity, war crimes, and torture of prisoners.

Since the end of the Cold War, the US has been “involved in almost all major conflicts and wars in the Middle East and surrounding regions,” the report said.

Citing the statistics of A January 2019 Report Through Smithsonian Magazine, CSHRS noted that since 2001 the US has launched wars and military operations in 40 percent of the world’s nations under the Global War on Terror initiative.

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Calling the US a “war-mongering” nation, the report claims that the US has caused “direct, serious and lasting harm” to indigenous peoples after launching the Gulf War (1990-1991), the Afghanistan War (2001-2021) and the Iraq War (2001-2021). done 2003-2011), among others. The NGO also accused the US of creating a “humanitarian disaster like no other in the world” after getting involved in the Syrian war and the Libyan war.

One of the examples of CSHRS is the loss of life during the Afghanistan war. More than 174,000 people died, 47,000 of them civilians, according to a Brown University report. The cost of the war project, which has since been removed. In addition to the loss of life, CSHRS cited the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) as saying the war displaced 3.5 million non-Afghans and forced 2.6 million Afghans to flee their homes.

About 209,000 Iraqi civilians died during the Iraq War and more than 9.2 million Iraqis were either forced to flee their homeland or become refugees, CSHRS said, citing statistics company Statista.

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The US-initiated Gulf War, the Iraq War, and the subsequent violent conflicts have largely destroyed Iraq’s infrastructure, greatly reduced the capacity of the country’s public services, and left people facing shortages of water, electricity, and medical care. , children, widows, elderly and other vulnerable groups suffer the most,” the NGO report read.

The report also states that the US has carried out airstrikes that have often killed civilians in counter-terrorism operations in places like Syria.

In addition to the war, CSHRS accused the US of “turning a blind eye to global proliferation COVID-19 By continuing to impose unilateral sanctions on Syria, Iran and other nations, that makes it more challenging for these places to get medical supplies to combat the virus.

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At this crucial time, for reasons of global public health and to support the rights and lives of millions of people in these countries, regional sanctions must be reduced or suspended,” UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said in 2020, which was. cited in the report. “In the context of a global epidemic, hampering medical efforts in one country increases the risk to all of us.”

As of fiscal year 2021, the U.S. has more than 9,400 sanctions in place, making the country the world’s only “sanctions superpower,” according to the report. One of the countries affected over the years was Iraq, which lost $150 billion in oil revenue between August 1990 and May 2003.

“The facts show that the United States has gravely violated the basic human rights of indigenous peoples in the Middle East and elsewhere, causing permanent and irreparable damage to the countries and peoples of the region,” the report said.

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The nature of American hegemony and the barbarity, cruelty, and perniciousness of its power politics have been fully exposed, and the people of the world have better understood the hypocrisy and fraud of American democracy and American human rights,” the report concluded. .

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