Can COVID rapid tests really detect if you’re contagious with new omicron variants?

An alarming proliferation of omicron subvariants – especially BA.5, which quickly became The dominant coronavirus strain In the US – the COVID-19 has again highlighted how well rapid antigen tests work at this stage of the epidemic.

while the Some preliminary research And while anecdotal evidence suggests that at-home test kits may not be as good at detecting latent subvariants of Omicron, Bay Area infectious disease experts say rapid antigen tests are still an effective way to diagnose the infection.

But he adds that variants like BA.5 only drive home the importance of using the rapid antigen test as effectively as possible to avoid false negative results.

Also, experts say that although rapid tests are faster and simpler than PCR tests, they are less sensitive and therefore more prone to false positives.

The problem has been exacerbated by an increase this summer, during which some people with symptoms of Covid-19 have initially tested negative, said Stanford virologist Robert Siegel.

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