Biden says he’s ‘not worried’ about China’s response to Pelosi visit

President Biden said Monday that he is “not concerned” about an aggressive response from China during Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) trip to Taiwan last week, the U.S. and Beijing did not expect things to escalate.

“I’m not worried, but I’m worried that they’re moving as much as they are. But I don’t think they’ll do anything else,” Biden told reporters.

Asked if Pelosi’s trip was a mistake, the president said, “It was her decision.”

The Biden administration has Beijing condemned live-fire drills in the waters surrounding Taiwan After Pelosi’s visit, which included several Chinese warships and aircraft crossing the center line of the Taiwan Strait.

Pelosi’s visit to the city of Taipei last Tuesday made her the highest-ranking US official to visit the island in 25 years. China’s foreign ministry said her visit had a “serious impact on the political foundation of China-US relations”.

Since she stepped down, the White House has said it respects Pelosi’s decision to visit Taiwan and has pushed back on questions between the speaker’s office and the White House about any drama surrounding her trip.

Biden told reporters last month that the military “doesn’t think it’s a good idea” for Pelosi to visit Taiwan amid already heightened tensions over the island’s status and calls for China not to support Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Before landing, White House national security spokesman John Kirby warned China against using the moment to create a “crisis” and later said Tuesday that Beijing’s actions in response to her visit were “consistent with the playbook we expect them to operate in.”

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