Biden had a private lunch with Bill Clinton during which the former president urged him to take credit if inflation decreases, report says

  • President Joe Biden had a private lunch with former President Bill Clinton in May.
  • The two discussed Ukraine, inflation and the midterms, the Washington Post reported.
  • Clinton asked Biden to talk more about what he’s doing to combat inflation, sources told The Post.

President Joe Biden met with Bill Clinton in May, during which the former president advised him on a variety of topics and urged him to take credit if inflation eased. The Washington Post on wednesday

The A meeting was held on May 2 And the White House confirmed it was happening after the Post first reported it, citing people familiar with the situation. Details of what the two Democrats discussed have not been previously reported.

Biden and Clinton discussed inflation, Ukraine and the midterm elections, people told The Post of the conversation. Clinton praised Biden for building support around Ukraine, as the U.S. has largely aided the Eastern European country since Russia invaded in February.

Clinton asked Biden to talk more about what the White House is doing to combat skyrocketing inflation in an effort to take credit if inflation eases later this year, The Post reported.

Inflation continued to rise in the wake of the meeting, but since then It appeared that the cooling had begun. Meanwhile, Democrats in Congress largely agreed on tax, healthcare and climate bills. Inflation Reduction Act.

But it is not clear how much the bill, which passed the Senate on Sunday, will affect inflation. Analysts have given different valuations When, or how much, will this bill actually affect prices?

Biden’s meeting with Clinton was consistent with his habit of enlisting outside experts for guidance on various issues. The Post also reported that Biden met with a group of historians last week to discuss threats to democracy and met with foreign policy experts ahead of an expected Russian invasion of Ukraine in January.

The White House did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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