Belarus commander in Ukraine says ‘troop sabotage’ likely if Minsk sends forces to fight with Russia

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As concerns mount that Russia is finding out Foreign allies like Belarus To provide more boots on the ground as his troops flagged down in Ukraine, a Belarusian commander told Fox News Digital that the strategy could mean trouble in Minsk’s ranks.

“My guess is that it is unlikely to happen, but if it does, there will be big problems,” Belarusian Cmdr Kastus Kalinouski RegimentDenys Prokhorov said, speaking from Kyiv.

Prokhorov said that Belarus might face “military sabotage and [an] Don’t want to go to war” if Minsk His army was forced to fight Russia in Ukraine.

Russian and Belarusian armed forces take part in a military exercise in Gomel, Belarus on February 19.
(Photo by Stringer/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Russia, Belarus military bases rocked by fire, explosions at Crimea air base days after devastating bombings

Russia and Belarus have increasingly engaged in joint military exercises, and Ukrainian armed forces have warned that Minsk is testing its combat readiness in regions bordering Ukraine.

The Belarusian commander, who recently returned to Kiev from the front lines, is part of the volunteer Belarusian fighting force. Pledged loyalty to Ukraine in March after Russia’s deadly invasion.

Prokhorov left Belarus at the age of 18 to fight with the Ukrainian army after Russia’s first incursion in 2014.

Since then it has been named “Kyt” which means “whale” in Ukrainian and is a symbol of “great power combined with great peace at the same time,” he explained in an interview translated by the Ukraine Frontline media platform.

Although the commander – who sports a handlebar-like mustache – notes with a smile that his call sign also sounds like the word for “cat” in Ukrainian.

Soldiers of the Belarusian Castus Kalinausky Regiment in Ukraine.

Soldiers of the Belarusian Castus Kalinausky Regiment in Ukraine.
(Photo courtesy of Kastus Kalinauski Regiment)

Belarus checks combat readiness on border, Ukraine defends Kiev

Kyt commands 300 Belarusian soldiers Belarus has little appetite for war, despite an increase in joint military exercises agreed by Moscow and Minsk, with Kastus Kalinouski joining the ranks to fight Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

“We need to understand that the regular army of the Republic of Belarus is in no way prepared to resist Ukraine,” he told Fox News Digital. “They have no motivation.

“No amount of money will get them back to Ukraine in a body bag,” he added.

The commander said he believed the majority of Belarusian soldiers and civilians were not mentally prepared to join the war against Kiev.

Belarusian soldiers fight in Ukraine with the Castus Kalinausky regiment

Belarusian soldiers fight in Ukraine with the Castus Kalinausky regiment
(Photo courtesy of Kastus Kalinauski Regiment)

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“The nation of Belarus does not support Russian armed aggression and a full-scale invasion of Ukraine,” he said, adding that openly voicing the war he has supported Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko could lead to prison time.

“Russia is currently suffering massive losses of personnel, weapons and equipment,” Kitt said. “Belarusian troops monitoring the situation via the Internet are not completely mentally prepared.”

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