Australia nightclub bans staring without ‘verbal consent’ of other person

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A Australian Night Club Implementing a policy that prohibits looking at each other without the prior consent of the person being stared at.

Club 77, a nightclub in Sydney’s Darlinghurst neighbourhood, has posted on its website that staring at someone without their consent is considered “harassment” and the law can be enforced if patrons engage in such behaviour. The New York Post reported.

“We operate a zero-tolerance policy on harassment of any kind,” the club’s website says. “Club 77 is not the place to be if your sole purpose is to ‘pick up.’ Instructions are given.”

The warning continues, “As a nightclub, we encourage you to interact with strangers, however any engagement must begin with verbal consent. This also applies, for example, if you are looking at someone from a distance. If you are paying attention. Unwanted , that’s considered harassment.”

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The website says that a Appointed “Security Officer” Pink vest wearers will be tasked with handling complaints and issues related to the new policy, and “offending individuals” will be kicked out of the club.

Club 77 did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

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club Posted on Instagram The new policy was announced earlier this month and received mixed reviews.

“Is this a joke?” One user responded. Another user wrote, “Guess everyone just has to walk around looking at the floor or ceiling or a Nazi will throw you out.”

Club 77 in Sydney, Australia

Club 77 in Sydney, Australia
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“This is very, very good!” Posted by a third user. “I hope it’s really and strongly enforced. It’s always nice to feel safe somewhere.”

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