Alex Jones Juror Speaks Out on Tense Deliberations

Jurors in the trial of Alex Jones, huddled in a small deliberation room where they ate Domino’s pizza, struggled to give dollar signs for emotional distress. Reuters, who spoke to the first juror to reveal the proceedings. Jones, who claimed the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that killed 28 people, was in government custody to remove American guns, was sued by two parents who received harassment and death threats from his audience. The jury, which had to be unanimous, reportedly considered a wide range of damages between $500,000 and $200 million, before eventually settling on $45.2 million, awarding each parent 10 percent of Jones’ net worth. But it could be a figure reduced to $1.5 million Under Texas law that limits the amount of punitive damages. Some jurors initially thought the Sandy Hook parents should not be entitled to any money. “We all believed that Neil and Scarlett were credible,” the juror, Sharon, said, adding that there was “tension” in the room throughout the proceedings. “There is no concrete evidence behind their mental distress and we were asked to award $1 to $150 million without any guidance.” Of their final decision, “no one was happy with it,” Sharon said.

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