After Israel hits terror group, UN Security Council meets as some members rebuke the Jewish state

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A group of largely anti-Israel countries struck on Monday United Nations Security Council Only to defend itself against the Iranian government-backed terrorist movement Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ.) to once again turn Israel into its punching bag.

In his remarks ahead of the session, Israel’s UN ambassador Gilad Erdan cited Norway and Ireland, which frequently reprimand the Jewish state, as reserving an urgent meeting for their stance.

“How would Norway react to Islamists plotting to fire missiles at civilians in Oslo? How would Ireland react if jihadist rockets rained down on Dublin in an attempt to destroy the ‘infidels’?” he asked.

Israel began a three-day conflict with the US-designated foreign terrorist organization PIJ. “Palestinian (Islamic) Jihad deliberately fired eleven hundred rockets at Israeli civilians, including about two hundred landing in the Gaza Strip, killing innocent Palestinians and children among them,” Erdan said.

Islamic Republic of Iran Middle East experts say it has played a key role in fueling violence against Israel – the world’s worst international sponsor of terrorism. “Palestinian Islamic Jihad is a radical terrorist organization that is armed, financed and trained by Iran,” Erdan noted.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s Rocket Barrage on Israel ‘Returns to Iran’s Territorial Tent,’ Experts Say

China holds the presidency of the Security Council this month and has given its support to the emergency meeting.

The Council’s session comes at a time of historic crisis, in which the UN appears largely complacent. A potential nuclear disaster is unfolding in Ukraine after missile attacks on a Russian-controlled nuclear facility.

Observers say the UN Security Council has been impotent in trying to stop the more than six-month-old war. Russia and Ukraine That left thousands dead, many injured and millions displaced, mostly women and children. Russia is accused of war crimes in Ukraine.

In the context of the U.S. neutralization of al-Qaeda commander Ayman al-Zawahiri in late July, Erdan noted the double standards at play.

Israel’s UN Ambassador Gilad Erdan addresses reporters outside the Security Council chambers.
(Courtesy: Israel Mission to the United Nations.))

US takes out al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri in ‘successful’ counter-terrorism operation in Afghanistan

“Therefore, when al-Zawahiri was eliminated, this organization, as well as most of the world, fully supported him. It was a step closer to eliminating radical terrorism from the world. Yet when Israel neutralizes such terrorists. Stop attacks on our citizens, UN officials shamelessly express deep concern. This is a blatant double standard and will not be tolerated,” he said.

As the Security Council met Tor Wensland, The United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process noted, “Preliminary numbers, which have yet to be confirmed, indicate that since August 5, the Israel Defense Forces launched 147 airstrikes against targets in Gaza. Palestinian militants fired an estimated 1,110 rockets. And into Israel.” mortars, many of which landed deep inside Israel’s territory.”

He added, “During the escalation, 46 Palestinians were killed and 360 injured, and hundreds of residential housing units were damaged or destroyed along with other civilian infrastructure. Seventy Israelis were injured, and residential and other civilian structures were damaged.”

Israel’s government documented that misfired PIJ rockets killed Palestinian children and destroyed Gaza infrastructure.

United Nations Security Council meeting to discuss the latest situation in the Middle East.

United Nations Security Council meeting to discuss the latest situation in the Middle East.
(Fox News Digital)

During his remarks to the council, Palestinian Ambassador to the United Nations Riyad Mansour did not criticize the terrorist group targeted by Israel, calling the Israeli action an “unprovoked and unjustified act of aggression”.

Mansour attributed the Israeli pre-emptive military action to preventing PIJ missiles from entering Israel “during the upcoming Israeli elections”. According to conspiracy theories circulating in far-left and radical Islamic circles, Israel removed the PIJ leadership as an electoral stunt to increase its chances of being elected. Prime Minister Yair Lapid In Israel’s November elections.

UN body issues ‘contradictory report’ against Israel, critics say

Apart from the UAE and China, the three European countries that had called for the meeting had balked at designating the PIJ as a terrorist organisation.

The French diplomat spoke of stopping the “cycle of violence” but avoided any outright criticism of the PIJ as a terrorist movement.

Norway’s representative blamed Israel for “occupation” and “settlement building” in his comments. The Norwegian official did not cite PIJ. An Irish diplomat called Israel an “occupying power”. It is unclear what the Irish diplomat meant by his claim that Israel occupied the Gaza Strip.

Israel has had no presence in Gaza since its withdrawal from the Palestinian enclave in 2005. There are no Israeli soldiers or civilians in Gaza; However, Hamas has taken two Israelis hostage and will not release the bodies of two other Israeli soldiers. The representative of Ireland asserted that Norway and France did not give PIJ the nature of the terrorist movement and its ideology.

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In stark contrast to the three Europeans’ anti-Israel condemnations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US ambassador to the world body, said, “Let’s be clear: Palestinian Islamic Jihad is a designated terrorist organization in the United States and many other nations. And it is also an Iranian proxy, which Innocent civilians have been attacked for years.”

She called on the fractured body to “come together and unconditionally reject the terrorism of Palestinian Islamic Jihad.” Thomas-Greenfield stressed that “we fully support Israel’s right to protect its citizens from terrorist threats, including rocket fire at civilians.”

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